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Social Media and The Three Whys

Those who have attended an workshop have likely seen this article on self-awareness by Thai Nguyen. Thai’s 12 self-awareness exercises that fuel success are a great way to gut check your personal and professional behaviours. If you read the article, you’ll notice that the very first callout Thai makes is about the “three whys.” Specifically, “if you can find three good reasons to … Read More Social Media and The Three Whys

Gratitude over the Phone

I’m not much of a phone person. I never enjoyed holding a phone up against my ear and having a conversation with someone without being able to see them. I suppose this idiosyncrasy has something to do with my inclination to respond to people’s body language. Either way, talking on the phone is something I’d rather not do. As an ‘old millennial’, this was … Read More Gratitude over the Phone

Empathy for others: Ashley’s story

I’d like to share a story about Ashley Windisch. I’ve known Ashley for the better part of four years. She was originally my client and became my colleague last year.  Ashley embodies intellectual humility. She’s one of the most skilled people I have ever worked with, but also isn’t showy. She’s a thought leader with a get-things-done attitude. From a professional perspective, Ashley is … Read More Empathy for others: Ashley’s story

One Year Later…

I’m substituting this week’s blog with a vlog by my wife Leora and I. It’s a one year update of our fertility journey. The one ask I have: please listen intently, defer judgment and respond appropriately. These are the pillars of Active Listening.

Supporting Each Other Virtually

It’s been 14 months since the COVID-19 pandemic started and I feel very lucky. I have been able to consistently work, I have a roof over my head and I live in a quiet neighbourhood where I can walk my dogs and never have to worry about social distancing. I’m lucky to have my incredible wife Leora with me. She may be the only … Read More Supporting Each Other Virtually


This past week, I was approached by a friend about whether or not they should apply for a recently open full-time position at their current workplace. This person is currently on a short-term contract, which expires in six months. The role is very similar to their current position so the subsequent ramp up time would be minimal. I couldn’t begin to fathom why this … Read More Self-Advocacy

Repairing Relationships

My wife and I recently binge-watched the TV series Imposters on Netflix. Per IMDB, this dark comedy “focuses on a female con artist who marries people and then disappears with their money.” The show touches on many themes including authenticity, betrayal and desperation. The second season’s third episode really struck me. Maddie, the show’s antagonist, is speaking with a therapist. The therapist asks Maddie, … Read More Repairing Relationships

Leadership with EQ

As we approach the Spring festive season, I’ve been thinking a lot about my maternal grandmother Goldie Smith, aka my Bubby. Passover was Bubby’s favourite holiday because it was the one time of year she knew her entire family would be under the same roof in Montreal. Bubby consistently outdid herself with her holiday Seder meal. She wanted her family to be together and … Read More Leadership with EQ

It’s on you to change

Imagine the following scenario: After three years in your current role, you decide to transfer to a new division in your company. The change excites you, but you’re also anxious. You’re new to the business, you’re not a full-fledged subject matter expert yet and you don’t really know your colleagues. In week one, your manager decides to test you. They put you in front … Read More It’s on you to change

A Call for Kindness

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” – Barbara De Angelis I can’t think of a time where this has been more true than right now — the grim one year anniversary of COVID. I know this because of the sadness I have felt. Here’s my story: … Read More A Call for Kindness

Unconscious Bias

Imagine you’re a new parent. You spend the better part of the first six to 12 months of your new baby’s life tending to their every need. Your parental leave allows you to focus on some of the most critical moments of your child’s development. You know you’re making an impact. Now imagine these two scenarios when you return to work. Scenario 1: Your … Read More Unconscious Bias

Self-Justification vs Self-Improvement

In last week’s post, I shared my personal 6.6/10 rating on self-care. Over the course of this past work week, anytime someone asked how I was doing, I responded with “I’m a 6.6/10 — striving for 7.5 by the end of March.” For the most part, my friends and colleagues responded with their own self-ratings, but the most thought provoking response came late Friday … Read More Self-Justification vs Self-Improvement