“David’s EQ training is the motivation we need right now, one year into COVID, to help us persevere while also recognizing that everyone is facing very different challenges. David shared relatable stories that opened up conversations and led exercises to help us listen to one another. He effectively facilitated this session virtually, with over fifty people in attendance, many who are new to the team and have not had the opportunity to meet in person. The session ended with teams agreeing that Emotional Intelligence is something we want to continue to build to help us all achieve success.”

Christy Varicat – Director, Enterprise Digital Marketing, Scotiabank

“I had the opportunity to coordinate “Emotional Intelligence” training with David for our team offsite. It was the most impactful training that I have ever received in my 20 years+ professional career. It changed my whole perception in how I could better understand and recognize emotions in myself and across others. Leading with empathy helped with my overall communication skills and improved my relationships within the workplace. As a Chief Revenue Officer, I have found that my investment in building my emotional intelligence has been a catalyst for the success my teams have achieved.”

Scott Sullivan – Chief Revenue Officer, Adswerve

“David has been motivating our students for several years with his honest and practical presentation.  I have heard students say things like “I wish I could listen to him every morning to start my day”, “David makes me realize anything is possible”, and “I love how someone who has achieved so much, is so honest about his journey”.  His presentation provides an authentic story of perseverance, personal growth, and self-discovery, leaving the audience empowered to achieve greatness.”

Maureen Garbutt – Professor, Sheridan College

“David’s EQ Session was extremely beneficial for our team summit. The discussion opened doors for our team to see things differently and to value empathy above all else.  Following the summit, I invited David to participate in a larger forum for our Manager Development which was very well received with high student participation and positive feedback.  I would highly recommend David for any team function!”

Janine Lee – Global Learning & Development Manager

“David’s EQ session with our team was the highlight of our 2021 Kickoff! His ability to create a psychologically safe space for over 40 people to openly share and be vulnerable was incredibly valuable. Even with our session being virtual, David facilitated an insightful, educational and fun program for the team. David taught us the importance of developing EQ as a sales team and was able to map it directly back to revenue growth and internal relationship building.”

Mike Wilson – Technology and Sales Leader

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